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Name:Word Count: A Writing Challenge Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A flexible writing challenge community focused on meeting word-count goals.
[community profile] wordcount is a challenge community for people who want to write a certain amount over a specific period of time. The goals and means to completion are entirely up to each individual, but should be something that is both within your capabilities and something of a challenge for you. For suggested goals, look below.

There are two types of goals here. The first involves a single project, while the second is spread out over multiple projects. In a single project goal, only the words you write for that specific project count towards your "Wordcount" goal. Goals spread over multiple projects are generally larger, but can encompass many more works. We don't dictate the type of projects you can create goals for. If you would like to set a goal for your journal-writing, or for a story you're writing, or for your university thesis, it's fine. All sorts of projects are welcome here.

If you are looking for a writing challenge community focused on achieving a consistent amount, rather than a long-term goal, you might want to check out [community profile] page_a_day.

Introduction Form
I encourage everyone to introduce themselves. While you're not required to use the form below, it may help give you a place to start.

Name: [personal profile] hopeoubliette
Goal: 350k words between 01 Jan 2010 and 31 Dec 2010.
Type of Goal: Multiple Projects
Written So Far: 11,600 words

A little about my planned project(s): I mostly write fanfiction, with a bit of original fiction here and there. I tend to prefer fantasy and science fiction fandoms, with a few others thrown in for a good mix. My projects will be included in [personal profile] kaelanti and [community profile] yearofhope, and I'll be doing a story for [community profile] scifibigbang.

You can update as often as once a day, or as little as an introduction post and a completion post. This community exists as a means of getting encouragement from fellow writers looking to push themselves. I ask that you don't update more than once a day in order to prevent spamming people's reading pages. If you include an excerpt of your work, or a link to it, please also post any applicable warnings that it falls under, so that no one gets any nasty surprises.

Please remember when you go to comment on someone else's goal that not everyone works at the same pace, or is comfortable with it. What you may find horribly daunting may be pure simplicity to someone else. Likewise, what you find pathetically simple may be a great task to another. Respect others' goals, and treat them as you'd wish to be treated, and all will be well.

If you need to contact me for any reason, the best way is to comment here.
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